The how you do you. Your skills, attributes, talents and gifts – this is the contribution you make. This is how you are experienced in the outside world.



The how you be yourself. Your character, attitude and use of your free will – this is your beingness. This is the aspect of your self that you experience inwardly. 



Between who you be and what you do, there is a perfect, complete intersection. It’s all about how you express who you are and what it is that you do. 


BE VALEO is an experiential learning process designed for individuals, entrepreneurs and corporations who wish to enhance their wholeness as a “self.” This process was formed around the centralized belief that every individual and organization is a unique expression of body, energy and mind.  Utilizing enriching services, programs, products and experiences, the BE VALEO process creates environments that are conducive to discovery, health and happiness, which support people on a  journey to collective fulfillment.


Katie-Head-Shot1I vow to give assistance to anyone and everyone who is seeking the path to fulfillment and discovery. My ability to identify strengths and assist in unwrapping and unpacking them drives me to create a space for enrichment in every avenue possible. My goal is to take capacity and turn it into readiness, build commitment and accountability, and maximize wealth generation while preserving health and wealth.

Why People Choose Katie

  •   She is as literate and up to date as possible about the business of health and wellness.
  •   She exercises choice in the interest of the customer with responsibility to the business.
  •   She makes wise choices so that she can bring “best of breed” products, services and programs to her customers, eliminating their need to do hours and hours of research.
  •   She practices true accountability; accepting the consequences of the outcomes of her efforts.

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