A real live wire!

A real live wire!

  • 06 Jul 0

What if – exchanging energy is how we relate with the world and the people around us? And we communicate, and miscommunicate on lots of different levels.

What if – the same applies to the communication we have with ourselves? How informed or misinformed are we? We live in a world driven more and more by commerce, as our self-sufficiency lags behind our wants, needs and desires, the competition for our attention grows. The marketplace is filled with consumers making decisions about brand allegiance and what is worthy of the investment of not just their currency, but their energy.  Conscious commerce is on the rise and people are waking up.

The same applies to our personal lives, as the struggle ensues over the now more valuable commodities of time and energy. Ironic or not, in a world of communication, are we authentically  connected to our fellow humans or, are we still tolerating superficial la la land?

Tuning into  our inner landscape for information may be the only defense we have against the constant barrage of misinformation we are exposed to daily. Yet, all else flows from knowing how to use the power that is us. When we stop apologizing for who we are – our real nature – we can interact with the world honestly and with an unending supply of energy.

How do you engage with others in work and relationships?

Do you have bursts of energy and focus, followed by the intense need to unplug?

Or have you developed a resourceful, steady flow of energy that keeps you dynamically  balanced on the tightrope that is the high wire act of life?

Everyone walks a thin wire of needs, obligations and desires to be met. And, takes a tremendous amount of focus to stay balanced.

Your wire may be low to the ground, where  falling off the wire it may not result in any real significant set back.

Your wire may be set higher off the ground, where going off the wire could substantially alter the path of your life. 

Regardless of the “height of your wire”, how you are wired is what really matters. By choosing to consciously participate in life, in a dynamically balanced way, we find and develop our power. It’s managing our power that keeps us balanced.

Being powerful, or “power full” is not the same as what we experience from those in power, who abuse power. It is not about ego or personal agenda. It’s not about being right or wrong. It is not about controlling or claiming someone or something. Life lived in, with and through love, can only be experienced, and this currency is powerful.

When we find and engage our inner strength, it becomes a humble expression of self. We can let go of patterns programmed into our behavior from childhood.

Passive aggression, in particular, rises out of the way we were treated or allowed to treat others. Getting rid of the wounds we continue to carry from the past, unleashes the power within us, that helps ourselves and those we engage with. It is what allows you to walk alongside others and support them to maintain their own balancing act, without falling from your own wire.

And speaking of wires, what if you are a live wire with lifelines that are three dimensional?

And, instead of moving along a straight path, energy circles around you, like a magnetic field. You are a live wire that connects back to the source. Energy spirals around your epicenter, like a tornado spins about the powerful eye. The real power lies in tapping into powerful energy without using it to destroy.

In order to be more vitally well and dynamically balanced in life, invite yourself to embody the energy that we are, declare yourself as a power-full live wire: be too hot to handle and do so without apology.  


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