Are You Ready to Be Proven Wrong?

Are You Ready to Be Proven Wrong?

  • 14 Apr 0

Imagine a scenario where you find yourself thinking, “I know I am right.” How do you know that you’re right, and what allows you to draw this conclusion? Perhaps your moral compass is telling you that you are “in the know,” or maybe you’re simply going off of personal experience.

Either way, it’s likely that there have been many situations that have led you to believe that you were right. It’s even possible that, out of habit, you believe in your right-ness without ever truly assessing the situation.

What if you are fighting to be right? And there is nothing at stake other than ego?

In modern culture, there is an almost obsessive tendency to be on the winning side of a disagreement, or to have superiority over the beliefs of others. Imagine this is troublesome, and it has far more dangerous implications when applied to business and business ethics.

Imagine that you’re developing a new partnership with someone, for example. You believe their ideas have merit, that they are intelligent and even that they will be able to benefit you and your business. But, you also believe that the ideas they hold are second-class to your own. If you continue to hold this opinion, where does that leave the balance of power in your relationship? Can you ever truly achieve a partnership if you are dead-set on keeping the upper hand on the power play that is taking place?

This can also cause problems when developing a relationship with a client. If you are not listening to and accepting their ideas, then it may be difficult to objectively support them. Right-ness can hinder your ability to truly connect with those around you, which is one of the most important elements of conscious candor.

Where do these roots of right-ness stem from? How has it been engrained in our brains? How do we derive joy out of challenging one another on the slightest difference in opinion? Although it is quite possibly an evolutionary trait, it’s likely that we were also taught that challenging one another displays strength and dominance. Strengthening egos to dominate others and maintain some goofy-ass sense of control.

How about we trade in our right-ness for being-ness. How about allowing ourselves to smash ego to smithereens (our own, of course)! What if the only reason to be right is to no longer need to be right at all?

You might be surprised to find that right-ness is overrated.

*Katie is an enlightening rod; a consultant for persons and businesses looking for consciously candid conversations to get issues unstuck. She works best within short periods of time, and imagines most issues can be surfaced and unstuck in 15 minutes or less – providing that her process is trusted. Call her now at 775-771-0753 or start your journey here.

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