Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

  • 21 May 0

So, you’ve taken the Self-Assessment, and you’re wondering what to expect next. It’s likely that you’ve come to Be Valeo because you’re at a crossroads and you’re stuck, either personally or professionally.

Katie Hurley is going to help you get un-stuck, and allow you to leverage your leadership like you never have before.

A wellness industry innovator and entrepreneur, Hurley is a concept visionary with an intuitive team approach. Her clinical expertise comes from her knowledge of the body through her training as a kinesiologist, massage therapist and movement educator.

Most people who are stuck are pretending; they’re pretending to be okay with something when they’re not, or vice versa. Hurley will discuss with you about what you’re pretending, and help you move beyond pretentiousness on the road to passion. You can stop pretending and embrace what you do passionately.

After filling out your Self-Assessment, you will be contacted with a brief explanation of your results, and an invitation to a FREE 15 MINUTE SKYPE CONSULTATION with Katie. Should you choose to proceed, and leverage your leadership readiness, you will receive:

  • Essential insights on how/where you are stuck
  • A practice to follow so that you may become a greater version of yourself
  • A lifestyle change that will benefit you as a leader

In order to prepare for your FREE SKYPE CONSULTATION, simply wait for your results email and respond with the hours that you would be available and your time zone.

Should you choose to move forward and continue your consultations with Katie, you will learn to be Strong, Powerful, Well and Influential, and will reinvent yourself in a step-by-step process that is designed to position you for the future.

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