Are Your Goals Holding You Back?

Are Your Goals Holding You Back?

  • 31 Mar 0
are your goals holding you back?

Imagine that you’re a child again. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Whether you wanted to be an astronaut, a mermaid or a veterinarian, it’s likely that (in most cases) your childhood dream job isn’t your current profession. Where did we lose sight of our idyllic childhood goals, and how did we choose to let them go?

In your life, it’s likely that you’ve set new goals for yourself. Perhaps you’d like to be the first at your company to sell over $100,000 in a month. Or maybe you’d like to buy that designer handbag in the window at your favorite store.

How are these goals any different from your goals as a child? Your childhood dreams didn’t seem silly at the time, but now it’s laughable that your chosen profession was to be a race car driver.

As a child, you either set unachievable goals for yourself, or your goals simply didn’t grow with you. Perhaps you discovered that working behind a desk makes you miserable because you like working with your hands!

It is well within your right to change your mind about your goals, and discard them when they are no longer useful to you. But how can you identify which goals are those that are achievable, lasting, and lifelong?

In short: you can’t.

Goal setting is a dangerous trap to get caught in, particularly because it fails to focus on the path to the goal, rather than the goal itself. It’s easy to imagine the things you want, but it is much more difficult to articulate how you’ll get there.

Distancing yourself from the fruits of your labors in exchange for focusing on the quality of your steps along the way is one of the most beneficial things that you can do for yourself – and your business!

Imagine that, at the beginning of the year, you created an outline about what you believe you will achieve as a business owner. Your goals may be modest and seem obtainable, but in setting these goals you’ve forgotten the most important part: the process!

If you have big dreams for your company but you’re not making a conscious, daily effort towards progress, then it’s likely that you will not only fail to achieve your goals, you may lose people who support you to attain them. To truly consider your actions and the actions of your business on a daily basis can change your entire vision as a leader.

Stop focusing on your goals, and start noticing how you spend your days. You might be surprised by what you discover.

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