To Be Influential is to be in fluence with life; to possess ethical intelligence

At VALEO, we believe that the best leaders are “stroft,” both strong and soft at the same time.

A leader possesses an attitude that is aware of situations that require a softer touch, and an attitude that knows when his or her strength must be utilized.

The notion that there should be a separation between work and home life is one that does not follow with modern society; for many people, their career is how they define themselves.

Your life is your life

How you choose to effectively use your energy while recognizing the pushes and pulls of modern life is how you express yourself as a human. Instead of work-life and home-life, emphasis is placed on the concept of living your life with a dynamic balance.

At VALEO, we believe in a leadership readiness that allows you to show up for life, work and family in a way that is powerful, strong, influential and dynamic.