To Be Powerful is to be full of power, or Energy: to possess courageous intelligence.

At VALEO, we believe that Energy is the currency of the future. Energy is taking action.

Old, antiquated ways of thinking have propagated that there are two sides to the human brain: a feminine side, and a masculine side. Females predominantly were imagined to utilize only the feminine side (or right side), possessing attributes that made them inherently “womanly.” Males, in turn, were imagined to only utilize the masculine side (or left side), giving them a traditionally masculine demeanor.

By utilizing a stereotypically masculine trait like “courage” in tandem with a stereotypically feminine trait, like “anxiety,” you can create a stronger, more dynamically balanced you. What if anxiety is really energy that has not been harnessed and channeled, and having the courage to understand that anxiety creates a form of energy that is similar to rocket fuel? And, this fuel can be used to create whatever you want in life, mobilizing your free will into action.

At VALEO, we challenge these traditional boundaries and believe that both sides of the brain, whether masculine or feminine, may both be utilized in tandem to unleash a whole, powerful version of oneself.