To Be Strong is to be grounded in your experience; to possess reality intelligence.

At VALEO, we understand the importance of being grounded in one’s experience.

On the practical side of the equation, we must understand that metrics matter. How much money is in your bank account, or the amount of cholesterol in your system is not of importance, but how those number and figures matter to you is key.

Sometimes these numbers and figures can make us feel vulnerable, but finding strength in one’s vulnerability is crucial in possessing reality intelligence. Perhaps you are in a new relationship, and you are afraid of the level of commitment that it requires and the amount of time that it will take to grow and blossom. Your innate reaction may be to run, but at VALEO, we believe strength comes from mobilizing your power and embracing your vulnerability.

At VALEO, we believe in paying attention and recognizing vulnerability, accepting it and drawing strength from it.