How Are You Perceiving the World?
We are constantly interpreting our surroundings. As we go about our day we use multiple cues to interact with one another, allowing us to form opinions about and draw conclusions from our experiences. Our interpretations give shape to our memories, which in turn hold together the fabric of our lives. We trust that our innate ability to perceive our surroundings provides us with an accurate and factual lens through which we view the world. What if I blow your mind...

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are your goals holding you back?
Are Your Goals Holding You Back?
Imagine that you're a child again. What do you want to be when you grow up? Whether you wanted to be an astronaut, a mermaid or a veterinarian, it's likely that (in most cases) your childhood dream job isn't your current profession. Where did we lose sight of our idyllic childhood goals, and how did we choose to let them go? In your life, it's likely that you've set new goals for yourself. Perhaps you'd like to be the first at...

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The “Thanks a Latte” Factor
Many of you have probably heard of the “latte factor,” which refers to our unconscious spending on little, everyday things that don’t add any value to our lives, or our wasted currency. At BE VALEO, we place value on focusing what you spend your energetic currency on – the “Latte Within,” so to speak. If investing on your financial future is important, then it’s important to focus on your spiritual future as well, and the currency of the future is...

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What If You Could Detox Your Life?
| “Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it.” – Epictetus | The word “Detox” has a firm grip on modern culture. After a long weekend of overindulging, many people turn to a detoxifying cleanse in hopes of purifying their liver. A quick search for “detox” on Google will yield a variety of results ranging from “10 Ways to Detoxify Your Body,” to “How to Detox: 10 Steps (with Pictures),” to “Whole Body Cleanse.” What if this innate obsession with paying for our...

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Are You Sick of Saying YES?
in Strong
When is the last time that you said, “Yes, of course!” despite the fact that you really wanted to say “No, HELL NO,” “No more” and “Not now?” What if saying No was the most powerful thing that you could do today? We all have reasons for not saying no, ranging from making rationalizations to simply imagining a different reality. Do you work with someone that arrives at the office at 5am and leaves at 10pm, fueled on espresso, oftentimes having skipped...

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Most Conversations Are Unconscious. What’s Yours Like?
Imagine that every day, you have some type of conversation with yourself. And that some days, the conversation may seem mundane and meaningless, allowing for a brief escape from reality. Other days, the conversation may seem deep and overwhelming, about something that seems larger-than-life. What if, these conversations (although varying in importance) directly reflect your current state of mind, your way of being, or the issues you are facing, and they are the most important conversations that you can have?...

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Are You Ready?
So, you’ve taken the Self-Assessment, and you’re wondering what to expect next. It’s likely that you’ve come to Be Valeo because you’re at a crossroads and you’re stuck, either personally or professionally. Katie Hurley is going to help you get un-stuck, and allow you to leverage your leadership like you never have before. A wellness industry innovator and entrepreneur, Hurley is a concept visionary with an intuitive team approach. Her clinical expertise comes from her knowledge of the body through her...

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Finding Freedom from Work/Life Balance
in Blog
We dedicate a huge portion of our lives to work. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 2080 hours a year. All of them spent working. Some people are fortunate enough to truly enjoy their chosen profession, and probably don't mind dedicating a good chunk of their time towards filling their pocketbook. Those people, unfortunately, are not the majority. Most of us have an issue with either the tasks we are performing or the environment that we're performing them in, and when...

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