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How does your Energy Influence?
If you had influence who would you be in fluence with? Being in fluence is about being in harmony with the flow of energy of your real nature, and with the flow of energy with those around you. And being in fluence is a choice, a choice to seek unity and be in harmony within self and with others. If you are in business, you may be used to a model of influencer (seller) and influencee (buyer) resulting in a...

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Target Practice
When you hold up the bow of your body, notch the arrow of your mind and pull back to give your energy to the string, what target are you aiming to hit? Is it close, or well down range? Can you even see the target? Chances are, all you need to do is clear away the fog of all the distractions and imbalance. The biggest challenge in scoring the bullseyes that nurture us is knowing and showing up for who we really...

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I’ll have the usual….
How many times a day do you make the assumption that someone automatically knows what you want, need or desire? And how many times a day have you been disappointed when they don’t? Can you walk into a diner and ask for the usual? Does your partner anticipate your wants before you ever have to say anything?  If so, I imagine you are surrounded by people and places that have gained access to your preferences and taken them to...

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