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How does your Energy Influence?
If you had influence who would you be in fluence with? Being in fluence is about being in harmony with the flow of energy of your real nature, and with the flow of energy with those around you. And being in fluence is a choice, a choice to seek unity and be in harmony within self and with others. If you are in business, you may be used to a model of influencer (seller) and influencee (buyer) resulting in a...

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Oh, just send me a text.
I got your text. What did you say?! We all walk around with cell phones in hand ready to connect instantly with anyone via a gazillion different apps. Seems we have perfected the art of communication, doesn't it? Or have we? Is anybody really listening anymore? When our words become digitized, our emotions conveyed by emojis, our attention spans shortened and our appetite for instant gratification fed at every turn, our ability to understand what others are trying to tell us is...

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I’ll have the usual….
How many times a day do you make the assumption that someone automatically knows what you want, need or desire? And how many times a day have you been disappointed when they don’t? Can you walk into a diner and ask for the usual? Does your partner anticipate your wants before you ever have to say anything?  If so, I imagine you are surrounded by people and places that have gained access to your preferences and taken them to...

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Are You Ready to Be Proven Wrong?
Imagine a scenario where you find yourself thinking, “I know I am right.” How do you know that you're right, and what allows you to draw this conclusion? Perhaps your moral compass is telling you that you are “in the know,” or maybe you're simply going off of personal experience. Either way, it's likely that there have been many situations that have led you to believe that you were right. It's even possible that, out of habit, you believe in...

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How Are You Perceiving the World?
We are constantly interpreting our surroundings. As we go about our day we use multiple cues to interact with one another, allowing us to form opinions about and draw conclusions from our experiences. Our interpretations give shape to our memories, which in turn hold together the fabric of our lives. We trust that our innate ability to perceive our surroundings provides us with an accurate and factual lens through which we view the world. What if I blow your mind...

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are your goals holding you back?
Are Your Goals Holding You Back?
Imagine that you're a child again. What do you want to be when you grow up? Whether you wanted to be an astronaut, a mermaid or a veterinarian, it's likely that (in most cases) your childhood dream job isn't your current profession. Where did we lose sight of our idyllic childhood goals, and how did we choose to let them go? In your life, it's likely that you've set new goals for yourself. Perhaps you'd like to be the first at...

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Most Conversations Are Unconscious. What’s Yours Like?
Imagine that every day, you have some type of conversation with yourself. And that some days, the conversation may seem mundane and meaningless, allowing for a brief escape from reality. Other days, the conversation may seem deep and overwhelming, about something that seems larger-than-life. What if, these conversations (although varying in importance) directly reflect your current state of mind, your way of being, or the issues you are facing, and they are the most important conversations that you can have?...

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Are You Ready?
So, you’ve taken the Self-Assessment, and you’re wondering what to expect next. It’s likely that you’ve come to Be Valeo because you’re at a crossroads and you’re stuck, either personally or professionally. Katie Hurley is going to help you get un-stuck, and allow you to leverage your leadership like you never have before. A wellness industry innovator and entrepreneur, Hurley is a concept visionary with an intuitive team approach. Her clinical expertise comes from her knowledge of the body through her...

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