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What Possibility are YOU?
How open are you to the Power Of Possibilities? We are all people full of power; power-full people. How we view, embody and nurture our energy is key to being happy and vitally well. Our relationships with others, and ourselves, are all about perspective and interpretation. Being that we are all unique expressions in the universe, isn't is plausible that reality is not one finite thing? Maybe it's really what you make it through your own infinitely endless energy. If that's true, then...

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Brilliance Is Overrated
If you've been paying attention to the current “news feed of business,” then you might have noticed a distinct change in the way that brilliance is being evaluated. In short: it's no longer just about how smart you are. What I'm going to say next might be a little shocking, but, believe it or not, possessing a bright mind doesn't necessarily mean that you are brilliant. You could be actually be entirely dull and narrow minded, despite the fact that...

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The “Thanks a Latte” Factor
Many of you have probably heard of the “latte factor,” which refers to our unconscious spending on little, everyday things that don’t add any value to our lives, or our wasted currency. At BE VALEO, we place value on focusing what you spend your energetic currency on – the “Latte Within,” so to speak. If investing on your financial future is important, then it’s important to focus on your spiritual future as well, and the currency of the future is...

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