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Oh, just send me a text.
I got your text. What did you say?! We all walk around with cell phones in hand ready to connect instantly with anyone via a gazillion different apps. Seems we have perfected the art of communication, doesn't it? Or have we? Is anybody really listening anymore? When our words become digitized, our emotions conveyed by emojis, our attention spans shortened and our appetite for instant gratification fed at every turn, our ability to understand what others are trying to tell us is...

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The Gumption to Inquire
It is a new moon and new beginnings are possible. They start with a clearing away of the crap and built up layers of acquired beliefs to find your real self. Has your pure stream of consciousness become toxic, unsafe for those in your business or life to drink? You can change your job, your relationships, where you live, but if you remain an kucamukalaka version of you, you'll be stuck in a loop, doomed to sending out vibrations that won't...

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