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How does your Energy Influence?
If you had influence who would you be in fluence with? Being in fluence is about being in harmony with the flow of energy of your real nature, and with the flow of energy with those around you. And being in fluence is a choice, a choice to seek unity and be in harmony within self and with others. If you are in business, you may be used to a model of influencer (seller) and influencee (buyer) resulting in a...

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The Gumption to Inquire
It is a new moon and new beginnings are possible. They start with a clearing away of the crap and built up layers of acquired beliefs to find your real self. Has your pure stream of consciousness become toxic, unsafe for those in your business or life to drink? You can change your job, your relationships, where you live, but if you remain an kucamukalaka version of you, you'll be stuck in a loop, doomed to sending out vibrations that won't...

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