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Get in the Zone, the YOU Zone!
Are you in a  place where the energy that radiates from inside you surrounds you, the kind of zone where athletes seem to command magic with their every move or where musicians perform from what must surely be their deepest inner space? It's the place where your internal, often subconscious flood of intuition and creativity are tapped, with great energy and zeal, to keep you in-fluence; the flow of energy that connects you with the source of all there is. Maybe...

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The UGHly Truth
I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually used the word “Ugh,” and I don’t hear it used very often. I hear it so rarely, in fact, that when someone said “Ugh” the other day, I was prompted to look it up and see what it truly meant. Ugh “is used to express disgust or horror.” That seems logical. We walk into an unkempt restroom at a bar, only to take a look around and say, “Ugh.” We grab some silverware...

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Do You ACHE to Heal?
Have you ever heard the phrase, “Out of the ashes, the phoenix rises?” What if out of a land of aches and pains, healing emerges?  Have you ever had the experience of aching all over? Unlike yearning, aching is painful, and is often associated with a negative experience or feeling. When you or someone you love is aching, it’s not uncommon to feel helpless or frustrated. There is, however, a way to help relieve their pain. Instead of allowing them...

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When was the last time that you yearned for something? I’d be willing to bet that you may not have yearned for something in a very long time – maybe you’ve never yearned at all. In this day and age, we actively avoid yearning. It’s a raw emotion that is both heart-wrenching, overwhelming, and mysterious. If you aren’t yearning, then your energy is probably engaged in ways that are less likely to lead you in a direction of profound bliss....

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Are You DONE?
Are you sitting in a stagnant job that's sapping you of energy and time? Has your relationship reached a breaking point? Maybe you've said it out loud or maybe you've only thought it, but either way, you're DONE. And guess what? That's okay. It's time to rip off the bandaid and start healing yourself by designing new experiences. Continue reading “Are You DONE?” »

Finding Your MOJO
Do you wish you could express your enthusiasm for life more openly? Do you feel as though you are dampening your light so that you don't outshine others? Woah... what's up? Where is your MOJO? MOJO is Me Owning Joy Openly; it is owning the energy of enthusiasm and a way of being that contributes to happiness. When your MOJO is working, you will effortlessly radiate positive, healing energy - and who doesn't want that!? Your MOJO will be felt...

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Energy Is the Currency of the Future. Do You Have It?
There's no denying it: energy is the currency of the future. You use this energy to move, grow, learn and change as your own unique expression of yourself in the universe, and you would be lost without it. Many of us, however, aren't utilizing our energy to its fullest potential. Your energy may be scattered, distracted or misguided, and it takes a conscious effort to ensure that your energy is being channeled as efficiently as possible. Your Energy Needs U...

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Is Your Job the Problem?
Many of us go through our entire lives trying to find a profession that we love and can connect to. We may start off shuffling papers and trying to make a name for ourselves, throwing french fries in a fryer or sweeping hallways to work our way into finding something better. During this time it can be difficult to find a sense of purpose or meaning, especially if we believe the job is “beneath” us. And yet, despite our relentless...

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Unhappy? You Probably Have Unstated Expectations
We all have expectations. Most of the time they are intricately woven into our day, and occur without us noticing. These expectations play a much larger role in our happiness than we realize, and can drastically alter the true outcome of any given situation. Have you been dropping hints to your partner about wanting an engagement ring? Or maybe you have a big meeting next week that you're worried about? Do you imagine that others already know what you want,...

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Are You Ready to Be Proven Wrong?
Imagine a scenario where you find yourself thinking, “I know I am right.” How do you know that you're right, and what allows you to draw this conclusion? Perhaps your moral compass is telling you that you are “in the know,” or maybe you're simply going off of personal experience. Either way, it's likely that there have been many situations that have led you to believe that you were right. It's even possible that, out of habit, you believe in...

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