Disrupt and Innovate YOU!

Disrupt and Innovate YOU!

  • 15 Jul 0


I’m living the dream!

“Living the dream”…..we say the words and maybe even imagine they are true.

“Row, row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,  life is but a dream.”…..may have been sung to us to lull us to sleep.

What if the dream you’re living is a nightmare?  And, it is time to wake up.

Are you rowing the boat of your being down a clear stream of consciousness, fully present and awake while you’re wielding your paddles? There is an opportunity to live YOUR dream and your full participation is required. What is the difference between going with the flow and navigating a carefully charted course? YOU!, your participation and the participation of others. Choose a big boat, with room to invite aboard those who surround you in your personal and professional lives to support one another and row together.

Waking up enables you to dynamically follow your dreams by aiming straight down the middle. The current is strongest in the center of the stream. Staying fiercely focused on catching that flow of consciousness will keep you from veering off course. It will allow you to be what you need to be most in today’s business world; a disruptive innovator.

Be disruptive by evolving to meet changing demand, and doing so dynamically to keep pace. Find the center current where the conscious consumer will want to climb aboard a steady ship of a balance of quality and value. Don’t lose sight of the qualitative while searching for the quantitative almighty dollar on the horizon.

In a world of better, cheaper, faster, keep your paddles in the stream, and don’t lose a commitment to offering customers the products and services you believe in.

At the same time, don’t go overboard with concepts. Trust and source your consciousness for those simple innovations that make people say, “Ah Duh, how come I didn’t  think of that?”

In business and life, it is okay to be perfectly imperfect. Maybe the “best” is a myth. Like a lighthouse in the darkest of seas, let YOUR dream allow YOU to guide you.

How have you been delaying your wake up call? Have you been hitting the snooze, booze and unconscious cruise button?

Disrupt yourself!

Keep setting some sort of alarm to remind you to wake up. Otherwise, the dream of YOU may become lost in the stream of tomorrow. If you are not awake and aware, you may find yourself walking in a trance, through someone else’s dream for you. And paddling in the stream of other’s expectations will be your biggest nightmare.

So keep rowing the boat of your body, mind and energy. Keep paddling in the stream of your real nature.. Find a steady current to keep you focused, or you may find yourself adrift, being lulled down another unconscious, toxic stream. Currents can change quickly. Staying on course requires rowing with great concentration and presence.

Remember YOU are the boat, the paddles and the rower!  Be diligent about participating in life practices that support you in row, row, rowing the YOU boat. Develop a relationship with the boat of YOU and the boat of others.  When life is but a dream, find yourself by putting your mind and energy into your rowing strokes……get the drift?  

Until next time…. drifting into the source of all we are…..our real nature, along the same stream.

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