Get in the Zone, the YOU Zone!

Get in the Zone, the YOU Zone!

  • 22 Jul 0

Are you in a  place where the energy that radiates from inside you surrounds you, the kind of zone where athletes seem to command magic with their every move or where musicians perform from what must surely be their deepest inner space?

It’s the place where your internal, often subconscious flood of intuition and creativity are tapped, with great energy and zeal, to keep you in-fluence; the flow of energy that connects you with the source of all there is.

Maybe you’re not in the zone, and don’t even realize it. Or maybe you are in the zone of denial, disaster, or the end zone, only to realize you are scoring for the other team.

You might be in a flood zone. If it’s about shedding cleansing tears, don’t resist it. Forget what most of us were taught; that it’s shameful to cry. Stay in that zone long enough to get rid of the crap that is preventing you from being vitally well in mind, energy and body.

Notice those around you who might be in that zone, and be present to them, instead of being uncomfortable with their tears.

Vital can mean, “absolutely necessary,” or “lively and full of energy.” Both make it inseparable from wellness. Yet, we have grown accustomed to be devitalized, to living in the realm of mediocrity.

If you’re not happy and you know it, clap your hands. WAKE YOURSELF UP!

Likewise, when your body yells at you that something is wrong, pay attention!

Seek professional help and support from the people in your life, but never forget that you can be your own healer. You are full of power. You have a wellness team. Be your own coach.

When seeking support, look for a practitioner, be it a doctor, therapist, friend or spiritual leader, who is willing to support you in reclaiming your power. Seek expertise to become more of an expert yourself. Energetically engage in becoming better equipped to advocate for yourself.

Better yet, get yourself back to a preventive zone, where you pursue vital wellness with diligence and by be response-able for your health with great energy and enthusiasm. It will juice you up and you will begin living with the zeal that comes from knowing you are on the right track.

Do you feel like you are always stepping in crap?

When you do it literally, the first thing you do is clean it up. You don’t walk around with crap stuck to your shoe!

Think of your life like a shoe, and if you step in dodo, do yourself a favor and get the crap out of your shoe.We are already full of the power we need to heal. The more we occupy our inner space, the more we experience the sensations in our bodies, the more emotional crap we get rid of – the more room there is for energy to flow and move us into our happy place.

Do do let go of the crap of your past so you can be be in the present.

Design a zone for yourself that defines the life you need, want and desire. When you get there, you will know. Everything will just feel right. All the stars in the universe will seem to align. The peripheral world will fade in the wake of your fierce focus.

When you focus inward on becoming your best self, your mind body and spirit healthy and in balance, your energy will expand outward as a positive influence on the world around you. If everyone showed up to heal themselves, imagine the ripple effect we would have.
Until next time….suspend space and time, seize the moment

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