How Are You Perceiving the World?

How Are You Perceiving the World?

  • 07 Apr 0

We are constantly interpreting our surroundings. As we go about our day we use multiple cues to interact with one another, allowing us to form opinions about and draw conclusions from our experiences. Our interpretations give shape to our memories, which in turn hold together the fabric of our lives.

We trust that our innate ability to perceive our surroundings provides us with an accurate and factual lens through which we view the world. What if I blow your mind by saying that our mind, however, is not always a trustworthy interpreter. In any given moment, we can be right or wrong in our assessment of a situation – but to us, it almost always seems like the truth. And for some of us it has become more important to be right than anything else.

Can you say that you always make decisions you prefer, for yourself and others? Or, have you noticed that you sometimes fail to choose what you prefer because you imagine it may not be the “right” path?

Mhow to be happieraking excuses for bad habits is a common way that many of us do what I call the “a void dance.” Say that you smoke chemically laden cigarettes, for example. You are aware of the fact that cigarettes are dangerous, and yet you continue to smoke because you feel as though your hectic life necessitates some sort of outlet for your stress. This purposeful avoidance of the truth is an a void dance… dancing around the void, and can make it easier for yo to repeat similar behavior in other aspects of your life.

Anxiety can also play a role in clouding our perception of the world around us. Many people with anxiety worry that those around them have negative views towards them, or, in extreme cases, believe that someone is out to get them. This can make it difficult to form lasting relationships, and can quickly complicate daily life.

Consistent pursuit of the truth is an admirable quality, and can oftentimes lead us to identify areas in our lives where we are shooting ourselves in the foot. Seeing ourselves truthfully can be a painful experience, which is one of the primary reasons that many people shy away from seeing their lives with clarity. So how can we start taking steps towards seeing our world (and our behavior) for what it is?

We can start by considering the consequences of our actions. This will allow us to not only engage in the important task of self-reflection, but also to evaluate the way that our actions are seen in the lives of those around us. If you find that your actions lead to results that are not preferable, then it is important to notice and work towards making better choices in the future.

In order to lead truthful, rewarding lives, we can start by removing the things that are hindering us. And, what is hindering you is most likely what you are avoiding! Put on your wetsuit, take a deep breath and dive into the void, leaving the a void dance and allowing your breath to lead you moment by moment.

*Katie is an enlightening rod; a consultant for persons and businesses looking for consciously candid conversations to get issues unstuck. She works best within short periods of time, and imagines most issues can be surfaced and unstuck in 15 minutes or less – providing that her process is trusted. Call her now at 775-771-0753 or start your journey here.

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