How does your Energy Influence?

How does your Energy Influence?

  • 29 Sep 1

If you had influence who would you be in fluence with?

Being in fluence is about being in harmony with the flow of energy of your real nature, and with the flow of energy with those around you. And being in fluence is a choice, a choice to seek unity and be in harmony within self and with others.

If you are in business, you may be used to a model of influencer (seller) and influencee (buyer) resulting in a transaction. What if you deny doing business in this dualistic way, and your company is driven by being more responsive of your customers’ energetic needs?  How would your balance sheet change if you were more in fluence with not only your customers energy but also the energy of the markets?  What new direction might you explore?

Learning to be on pulse with streams of consciousness enables you to be in fluence with the sources of these energies. And being in fluence with energy comes first and foremost from noticing the subtle nuances that trigger an energetic shift. Developing the capacity for recognizing energetic shifts takes practice. And the first person to practice with is yourself.

It may appear that the idea of noticing the subtleties and nuances of your own energy is a selfish one. And, yet the experience of noticing an energetic shift that fragments and navigating energy from fragmentation to harmony is one of the most powerful practices you can experience. Imagine if we all rectified the fragmented parts of our own existence, if we were able to experience unification on our inner landscapes.

True power is not in dividing and conquering, but in conquering divisiveness.

Take a journey

For most people, a lot of planning goes into a taking the trip of a lifetime. The goal is often to get the most out of it. Well, what if your life isn’t your only lifetime? And you are already on the trip of this lifetime. Where are you going, what do you want to experience and how are you going to make it happen?

Maybe you need to journey into realm of your inner space first, to find your real nature traveling companion. Or, when the busyness of life, all those different energies you have to respond to, overwhelms, engage in a practice and develop a habit of shifting from the influence of the energy outside and spend a little time in fluence with your energy inside. Become an insider, meditate. Pay attention to your breathing. What if your breathing energizes your being and the quality of your air informs every cell in your body of your happiness and health? Chances are, you believe there is something to this discussion on energy. Perhaps this life is a springboard for what you will be called upon to do in your next.

What are you doing right now that is a contribution to this lifetime, as well as, the next place you go?

What do you imagine you are preparing yourself for?

No if’s or but’s!….just and.

How do you know when you are not in fluence? When you say “but.” Try saying “and” instead, and see how it changes your perspective. Use it to help you practice harmony. You may say to a friend, out loud or internally, “I really like you.” If you are compelled to add a “but” about something they do that drives you crazy, you are attempting to separate energy, and energy, when influence, seeks unification. Everyone is a unique expression within the universe, including that thing you can’t stand. The disharmony is within you.

What do you show up for every day? Do you pay attention to what you feel and leverage the power of your five senses to discern what’s worthy of your energy? Are you trying to influence others in way that invites them to be non-dualistic?

If you are in leadership, ask yourself if, when you have the opportunity to be in fluence with lots of other people, if you share your energy in a way that unifies instead of divides.

Keep on the lookout for ways you are not in fluence. Notice when you have harmful thoughts toward others, when you experience the power of another and coil in self-doubt, when you have difficulty celebrating the accomplishments of another, when you cannot forgive.

Notice and ask yourself; What forgiveness am I withholding, and how? What generosity am I withholding, and how?

Re-frame those questions to direct them as a practice to look within.

How are you being unforgiving with you? How might you be perpetrating injustice on the planet? If you are unhappy, instead of coming from a place of complain and blame, ask yourself how you are contributing to the lack of harmony.

If we do nothing else but ask ourselves these questions and meditate on them, we will become much more in fluence and influential in challenging dualism to oneness and disharmony to harmony.

Being In fluence is being with the energy of you and the energy of others  How much do you desire to be in-fluence?  Until next time….. practicing becoming more in fluence.


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  1. Web Hosting May 15, 2017 at 6:44 am - Reply

    A strong, positive magnetic aura around your body will prevent not only people’s negative thoughts from affecting you, but also negative or harmful circumstances and happenings, even disease, from coming to you. Or if, owing to the darkening influence of past karma, anything comes your way that in most human contexts would appear negative, you will find it either minimized, or becoming turned to good account.

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