I’ll have the usual….

I’ll have the usual….

  • 09 Aug 0

How many times a day do you make the assumption that someone automatically knows what you want, need or desire? And how many times a day have you been disappointed when they don’t?

Can you walk into a diner and ask for the usual?

Does your partner anticipate your wants before you ever have to say anything?  If so, I imagine you are surrounded by people and places that have gained access to your preferences and taken them to heart.  

Wouldn’t it be great if your preferences were honored more often in both life and business? What if I told you that a way to increase the likelihood of this happening is to unapologetically state your preferences out loud, all the time, for everyone to hear.

What are your core truths?

Life is constructed around these.

If you are making assumptions about yourself, if you are playing roles based on what you think others want and expect, then you are living a self-originating illusion.

And illusions are just that, illusions.

What if you could leave illusion land behind by making your preferences known ahead of time for all to see, hear and touch? Make a preemptive strike, or someone else will decide for you. Avoid being that person who doesn’t know or say what they want until they see or experience what they don’t want.

We’re not talking pushy and demanding and egotistical. Someone who states what they need may seem overbearing, and being seen that way may be what prevents most of us from speaking up. I say, speak up anyway.  What risk are your really taking by being a human being who states their preferences out loud?

We live in a highly competitive world vying for our attention, our money and our energetic currency. We may be excited for the next new thing in technology, and you can be darn sure innovation is rooted in what consumers have stated they need and want. How are you influencing the next technological breakthrough? Be that powerful of a person in every aspect of your life.

Put yourself in charge, give yourself a raise and take a meeting with your mind!

Think of your life like the screen on your smart phone; full of apps that you have the power to use or delete. Be your own leadership app, a one-of-a-kind app that is coded with your energetic source, that allows you to be the unique expression that you are in the universe.

When someone else’s preferences dictate how you work, it is likely your performance will suffer, or you will spend stressful time each day making adjustments. What if you simply stated out loud how you’d like things to be, and why? Is it possible your co-workers have no idea about your frustrations? Is it possible they would be willing to honor your preferences once they know them? Maybe you will be improving everyone’s circumstances.

A mistaken, culturally indoctrinated concept is that power comes from outside of yourself, and that they only way to have power is at the expense of controlling and dominating others. The energy to be productively powerful comes from within. Your mind supports you to direct your energy in alignment with your energetic source, your real nature.

Be responsible for your own happiness. You may think your boss won’t give two craps about your preferences. How do you know? Have you ever brought up the subject? It takes a total act of courage to open that door, and the rewards may be well worth it.

If you are in business, are you working on assumptions of what your customers want? Is there an open dialog to determine their preferences and respond accordingly? That is a very direct route to prosperity. Listening to other’s preferences and taking note puts humanness into commerce, and conscious commerce is the wave from our future.

Assert yourself. Mobilize your power. Knowing your preferences and stating them out loud is a phenomenal contribution to make to your own life and to the lives of others.  Until next time, take a risk by stating a preference.

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