Isn’t it about time?

Isn’t it about time?

  • 19 Jul 0

Isn’t it about time?

Time to lose your reactive mind and come to your senses? Time to do a reboot on that hard drive of your humanity?

Clear out the viruses, malware and most importantly, get rid of the files that no longer serve you. Make space for new, enhanced programming that will help you lead the personal and professional life you want, need and desire.

Are you up for the challenge of outing your real self?

Clean out the closet of your unconsciousness. Go through your stuff. Look at it, touch it, smell it, maybe for the last time. Purge in order to participate in your one, wild, precious life diligently, consciously and present to everything that is presenting itself to you at the moment.

Where a river meets an ocean, or a waterfall crashes down into a pool, there is a tremendous amount of energy combining from different places.

If these same boundaries are within the river of your life, what forces are attempting to merge? How can you integrate these powerful  forces into the energetic currency you need to move forward in business and life?

It may feel like a swirling current when you are confronted with the constant onslaught of demands of daily life, and the uninspiring crap you store up inside. When you confront them, there may be a barrage of sensations, even outrage. Hang in there…..feel your way through.

Use energy to reorganize your mind. Surrender the ways you’ve been living that don’t support your real nature.

What if, what doesn’t flow, has to go!

Be on the lookout for the subtleties that speak to you. Show up to stream your source of artful, unique, beautiful consciousness; your real nature.

Beware the monotonous minutia and dogmatic doctrine. Don’t be seduced into framing your consciousness in a way that confines the unique expression of you in the universe. Allow your consciousness to expand. .

So much of our time these days is spent in the world of commerce, making it the place where we can have the biggest impact. The way we conduct business should come from a place of diligence and who we truly are. That’s conscious commerce.

Have a strategic plan, in life and in business.

Set up a meeting with your inner CEO, chief evolutionary officer, and make sure your board of directors includes your inner shaman, and people who help you manifest yourself to power and purpose, the people you have relationships with where you don’t feel the need to filter yourself.

Retreat into your inner landscape. Go through the chat room of your reactive mind. Let yourself be bombarded with all the voices, including the ones you’ve been avoiding. Go as deep as you can to find your divine energetic spark.

Build up the energetic currency you need to implement your strategic plan. Allow yourself to be taken up into the stream of consciousness where boundaries dissolve, like a river into an ocean.

Stream your life consciously to live the dream that you are, while you are awake. You’ve paid your dues. It’s time to move and merge into a greater flow of your real life.

Take a stand and be heard for who you really are. Live out loud. Walk your walk. Talk your talk. Walk your INNER talk, with zeal and zest for life.  Until next time…. losing my reactive mind and coming to my senses.


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