Oh, just send me a text.

Oh, just send me a text.

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I got your text. What did you say?!

We all walk around with cell phones in hand ready to connect instantly with anyone via a gazillion different apps. Seems we have perfected the art of communication, doesn’t it? Or have we?

Is anybody really listening anymore?

When our words become digitized, our emotions conveyed by emojis, our attention spans shortened and our appetite for instant gratification fed at every turn, our ability to understand what others are trying to tell us is too often left to interpretation, potential miscommunication and unwarranted response.

It’s time to be CLEAR, Conscious Listening Ends A Reaction.

Words are powerful energy we put out into the universe. They vibrate and resonate not only by their content, but by tone and inflection.

So what happens when the energy of the words is lost?

Chances are, we fill the void with preconceived notions and assumptions. In a world of paranoia and taking offense, that quickly leads to establishing our own, usually self-serving or -sabotaging version of the message.

Does it become a toxic monologue in your mind? Was there already one playing to warp the message?

When someone doesn’t respond instantly, do you take that as more proof of their evil intentions and how little you must mean to them?

There are a lot of versions of this story. We may miss that someone has an issue with us, or be left to wonder, were they just kidding? There is no sarcasm font so how is it we imagine communications are written in one?!

Just listen, or read the words, several times. No interpreting. No judging.

Pay attention to your bodily sensations. See what shows up, instead of reacting on autopilot or jumping to a conclusion.

Be present for others by paying attention. Hold space for people. That is the most precious gift you can give them. Experience their words to understand what energy is in motion within them. What is the energy in their words that you can not only hear, but see and feel?

Words are powerful. They can be a form of toxic gas for some even if they are stated clearly and accepted without judgment. Say what you really mean, including in conversations with yourself. Hold space for yourself.

Within your internal monologue, you are sure to run into the “shouldas,” those nagging mind gremlins whose unsolicited advice should be taken with a grain of salt. Shoulda, coulda, woulda are words that have an agenda attached to them. And whose agenda are they anyway?

What words do you really need others to hear?

When the mental trauma is real and devastating, find a way to release that energy instead of pushing it down deep, where it will cause diss-ease and disease.

We are told to forgive and forget, but you need to let the massive energy of the trauma reach its end point. There is no difference between being outraged and “in-raged”, other than one energy is directed out and the other directed in

What damage do you fear from releasing the energy of your rage?

What are you doing with and to yourself when you hold energy in?

Find a way to release it  that is recoverable from the inevitable damage. Don’t wait for the devastating nuclear blast. Let the hot lava like energy flow from you, to cool and form new land in your inner landscape or outer environment.

Trust that the universe will take what you are afraid to put out there and transform it into something better.

All Clear?

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