Q: What is AlphaFlex®?

A: Put simply, AlphaFlex is your daily dose of Omega-5e. It effectively cancels out inflammation-promoting Omegas (like Omega 6) and restores your body to its natural, harmonic state. It is an all-natural anti-inflammatory that can relieve inflammation and swelling while simultaneously healing your muscles and joints. Our clinical research has shown that AlphaFlex® helps improve muscle and joint health associated with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

Q: How does AlphaFlex® differ from other products containing fatty acids?

A: AlphaFlex has been shown through clinical research to be an extremely potent anti-inflammatory, much more so than Omega-3, and is significantly more effective than glucosamine/chondroitin when used for improving muscle and joint health. AlphaFlex is an all natural alternative to glucosamine, and can be consumed by those who are allergic to shellfish or diabetic, as glucosamine is a sugar. 

Q: Are all fatty acids the same?

A: No, they aren’t. Omegas 3 and 5 are anti-inflammatory, whereas Omega-6 actually promotes inflammation; our bodies must have both anti-inflammatory and inflammatory fatty acids in order to function properly. Omega-5e, however, is far more anti-inflammatory than Omega-3. There is an important balance in our bodies between these anti-inflammatory and inflammatory fatty acids, and in most people, their consumption of Omega-6 fatty acids is far too high. AlphaFlex helps correct this imbalance!

Q: How does AlphaFlex® differ from a standard pain reliever?

A: AlphaFlex actually helps the healing process, rather than simply distracting us from our discomfort. It does not block pain like a pain reliever – this daily dose of fatty acid provides essential nutrition that our bodies use to repair damaged tissue, so our overall health is improved. AlphaFlex® is also safe and natural; it doesn’t contain any useless, toxic fillers.

Q: Will the Fatty Acid Omega-5e make me gain weight?

A: Absolutely not. In fact, just the opposite is true; because of the critical role fatty acids play in human nutrition, it is likely that Omega-5e may actually help you lose weight.

Q: How much AlphaFlex® should I take?

A: The beauty of AlphaFlex® is that it is safe and natural, so there are many factors to consider when calculating your AlphaFlex® consumption. Your weight and your health, for example, are key points in determining exactly how much AlphaFlex® to take. If you are light in weight and in relatively good health, it is likely that you will need much less AlphaFlex than someone who is in failing health and moderately to severely overweight; it all depends on the amount of inflammation in your body and the number of cells that are in need of reparation.

Q: One of the first things I noticed when I started using AlphaFlex® is that I slept better, why is that?

A: AlphaFlex® reduces swelling and inflammation, and a common side effect of reduced swelling and inflammation is feeling better! When you feel better, you sleep better!

Q: How quickly does AlphaFlex® begin working?

A: The topical lotion is a liniment and works quickly – usually within an hour or so. AlphaFlex capsules (as a dietary supplement), work over time and provide nutritional elements that help our bodies repair damaged tissue. When used together, you get maximum results.

Q: Is AlphaFlex® the answer to solving all muscle and joint discomfort?

A: Unfortunately, no, it is not a “fix-all.” AlphaFlex® is merely a gateway to bettering ones health and well-being; it only works with proper nutrition, diet and exercise to help improve muscle and joint health. Eat right, exercise and take AlphaFlex® daily to maximize your muscle and joint health!

Q: Has AlphaFlex® completed any research?

A: Yes! Of course! AlphaFlex has completed extensive research on the anti-inflammatory and preventative effects of Omega-5e. It is our duty to ensure that AlphaFlex is safe, natural and effective!