Target Practice

Target Practice

  • 16 Aug 0

When you hold up the bow of your body, notch the arrow of your mind and pull back to give your energy to the string, what target are you aiming to hit?

Is it close, or well down range?

Can you even see the target?

Chances are, all you need to do is clear away the fog of all the distractions and imbalance. The biggest challenge in scoring the bullseyes that nurture us is knowing and showing up for who we really are.

Step one is connecting with your real nature to figure out what you want, need and desire in your life in business and the business of life. What really matters to you? There’s your target.

Step two is figuring out what you need to do to hit it, and when you do, practice, practice, practice.

That’s right, it’s going to take commitment and diligence. Even the most talented athlete or performer needs to hone their skills, repeatedly. We understand their realized mastery equals the level of commitment they have made to manifesting themselves as a gift to the universe.

You may need to stand close to the target at first, as you develop the strength that comes from being totally honest with yourself. You may need to adjust your stance, your form, your mindset and the energy you exert.

Eventually, as you connect with the source of your own beauty, truth and goodness, the fog will lift and your goals become clear. You will know what you want, need and desire in business and life. You will be armed with the arrows of self-knowledge that will allow you hit the bullseye.

And hitting that target consistently will enable others to hit theirs. It’s a teachable, transferable energy; a language of leadership that can be shared.

It is no coincidence that many people share a dream of obtaining financial independence so they can simplify and focus on a pursuit, ambitious or not, that resonates with them, that vibrates along their inner landscape.

Maybe you are motivated to acquire enough wealth so that you can buy a little cabin in the woods and write that novel, or spend your days on the beach trading commodities.

Find an image that represents what you truly desire. Put copies wherever you need to remind yourself of what you are focused on long term. Share it with those in your life.

Remember that the real wealth in life is energetic currency. You can’t enjoy the money or family or anything else you have acquired if continue sabotaging your physical and mental health along the way.

Organize, prioritize, clear out whatever you are done with. Aim to alleviate your own suffering. Get in extra practice time by working to alleviate the suffering of others.

Take an inventory to see where you might be imbalanced.

Are you withdrawn, spiteful, judgmental or self-sabotaging? Are you lashing out at others, or lashing in at yourself?

Try a new stance. Shift your perspective.

Be conscious in commerce, because life is all about transactions, (transferring energy), whether you are buying, bartering or giving up some of your freedom to commit to a relationship or a project.

There is a dynamic balance to reach and sustain on the seesaw of existence, to be accountable for our lives, and for it to be a freedom-enjoying life. Dedicating energetic currency and time, to practicing hitting the bullseye of YOU.

What if, you are only as free as you are accountable to the freedom you want, need and desire?

What is the target that if you were to hit over and over would make you truly happy? The next time you draw your bow,and release your arrow, envision an arrow of love for the bullseye of YOU.

Until next time, off to target practice I go…..will I see you there?


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