The Gumption to Inquire

The Gumption to Inquire

  • 03 Aug 0

It is a new moon and new beginnings are possible. They start with a clearing away of the crap and built up layers of acquired beliefs to find your real self.

Has your pure stream of consciousness become toxic, unsafe for those in your business or life to drink?

You can change your job, your relationships, where you live, but if you remain an kucamukalaka version of you, you’ll be stuck in a loop, doomed to sending out vibrations that won’t get you the life you need, want, desire and deserve, or inspire others.

Maybe it’s time to check in with yourself. Conduct a detox session with your very best BFF,  yourself. Your inner self will always be there for you. Your self has been waiting on an invitation to come out, play and shoot the crap.

When you and your BFF hang together, the vibrations of your inner truth, beauty and goodness will expand into the outer world, attracting and enveloping those in your life and business for more enriching relationships.

Start by challenging your belief system. Out yourself in your private confessional. Is your self-righteousness and your need to be right getting in the way of being happy? Do you alienate the people you love and those who love you?

We may see these as character flaws, when our real nature, compassionate self is simply buried beneath layers of crap. What’s clogging up your inner chat room? Get rid of the drama and distractions to uncover the wisdom and guidance that your real nature is poised to give.

Imagine you possess a creature inside you like the scarab beetle that was a sacred symbol in ancient Egypt. They were placed in tombs, maybe because many subspecies subsist on excrement, and eat their own as they mature.

Subdue your gag reflex and imagine your inner scarab eating all the crap, then send it on its way. Don’t allow yourself to become used to living in crap, trapped in a belief system that no longer serves you.

You are rooted in your values. Are your values germinating hostility and rage, or nourishing compassion, happiness and forgiveness?

Are they keeping you from consciously pursuing a life of your own choosing?

Just as you can change the chemistry of your body, you can alter yourself energetically and spark a new beginning by working to keep your mind and energy aligned with your real purpose.

Who is the you, you want to pursue?

Commerce is such a large part of our lives. Most of us purchase everything we need. It may seem the humanness is gone from commerce, and it’s the sign of our time that many large corporations around the world no longer invest in people or in the future. Corporations continue to get projected on for are taking their profits and running in an uncertain economy.

And, we, like an unconscious corporation, have started consuming each other like commodities, taking whatever “profit” we can get out of our relationships and running.

What is everyone running from and where are they running to?

There has long been a tiny part of the population, some off the grid, simplifying their lives and consuming fewer material things. Another part of the population is buying up resources for greed and profit. And still another acquiring, stewarding, and protecting resources for the future. It begs the question, when and if we consume who are the beneficiaries?

How conscious is your consumption……do you have the gumption to inquire?

Maybe it’s time to trim back the outer distractions and find your BFF. At the very least, challenge yourself to trim back the material mindset of consuming your relationships in your life and business.

Allow yourself the opportunity for a new beginning by peeling back the layers, shedding a few tears and becoming your own BFF. Befriend your unique expression of you. Be an antenna to broadcast your loving, nourishing, regenerative vibration out into the universe in a way that excites yourself and others back to vitality.  

Until next time I am sending loving moxie, challenging mindsets.

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