What Possibility are YOU?

What Possibility are YOU?

  • 12 Aug 0

How open are you to the Power Of Possibilities?

We are all people full of power; power-full people.

How we view, embody and nurture our energy is key to being happy and vitally well.

Our relationships with others, and ourselves, are all about perspective and interpretation. Being that we are all unique expressions in the universe, isn’t is plausible that reality is not one finite thing? Maybe it’s really what you make it through your own infinitely endless energy.

If that’s true, then creating a good, fruitful, productive life – whatever your real nature guides you to be – is definitely possible, by giving power to good core values and good thoughts, and paying attention to the sensations, the POPs that signal a need to shift perspective or direction, to get back on track with your best reality.

There are times when you need to fill yourself up with a better you before before you can share life with others. Seek to balance your masculine and feminine energy.

Are you alone and alienated?

Re-evaluate your belief systems. Take a good look at your ego. Does the need to be right get in the way of your ability to be connected with people?

Are you caught in “stinkin’ thinkin’,” projecting your stress and anxiety onto those you engage with, or misinterpreting their misguided projection of angst onto you?

When you interact with people, whether face-to-face or through the written word, pay attention to the sensations in your body. Do you go into defense mode? Does your throat tighten and your heart race?

Bodily sensations are triggers, the POP! that is the perfect opportunity to shift your focus or perception.

What if being the best version of yourself does not come from a place of selfishness, but respect for the beautiful life you have received; your unapologetic acknowledgment that you are a unique gift to the world.

Living unapologetically doesn’t mean not caring what other people think. It’s about not making excuses. Other people are mirrors which help us to get a good look at ourselves. Avoid imagining people who “trigger you” have a hidden agenda to give you a distorted view.

When you’re in that moment that things don’t seem to be flowing smoothly, take a step outside of yourself. Get out of your reactive mind. Change the tape that’s playing on a loop of destructive talk.

How can you use your brain for a change, your mind to be kind, to yourself?

Engage in practices that allow you to amp up your own power. Surround yourself with a life team, a wellness team, that helps you see yourself objectively and nurtures both the feminine and masculine energy within you.. Think about how you interpret emails and text messages that upset you. Try reading them out loud, with different inflections and tones. Experience all the possibilities that your sensations have to offer before reacting.

Think good thoughts, and send good thoughts outward, especially to those who are projecting their angst onto you, to change the energy.

We ARE energetically connected. Our thoughts go out onto the world and have impact.

Think of them like the energetic vibrations of music. It resonates differently from one person to the next. Even a different version of the same song can strike a different chord with you. If it’s out of tune, adjust the strings, change the tempo. Give the sound a new voice, or tone, or texture.

Find the energetic vibrations in people, perspectives and possibilities that resonate with you. Receive them as powerful warmth mixed with a cool, open-minded embrace. POP, POP oh what a relief YOU is!


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