Most Conversations Are Unconscious. What’s Yours Like?

Most Conversations Are Unconscious. What’s Yours Like?

  • 28 May 0

Imagine that every day, you have some type of conversation with yourself. And that some days, the conversation may seem mundane and meaningless, allowing for a brief escape from reality. Other days, the conversation may seem deep and overwhelming, about something that seems larger-than-life.

What if, these conversations (although varying in importance) directly reflect your current state of mind, your way of being, or the issues you are facing, and they are the most important conversations that you can have? Would you take the time to engage and have them?

You may be asking, “What does she mean? How could engaging a meaningless bunch of jibber jabber be important? Who has the time to contemplate larger than life issues when making money is of paramount importance?”

In spite of whatever doubts and reservations you may have, for just a second, imagine that these conversations have the power and capacity to move you to a great version of your self, and that all you need to do is practice engaging the conversations present in your mind.

The practice is simple:

  • Notice your breath
  • Notice the sensations in your body
  • Notice the thoughts crossing your mind
  • What is the conversation asking you to do or think?
  • What is the conversation asking you to be or experience?
  • What are you noticing in your body as you engage/contemplate the conversation?
  • State it out loud.

Yes! Out loud!

Making these conversations conscious is the key.
Allowing yourself to notice how a thought make you feel is crucial.
Allowing yourself to feel sensations in your body respond to something said or heard is an invaluable practice for being present.

If you were to engage this conversation, how would you express yourself? What would you say? What kind of actions would you make?

Now, take a deep breath, and…

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